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Eureka is a small rural community of 1500 residents in the southwestern corner of Dakota County, Minnesota, south of Minneapolis–St. Paul. The area was first settled in 1854, and Eureka was officially organized as a township by the Dakota County board of Commissioners in 1858, the year Minnesota became a state.

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Township Office Hours

Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Town Hall Location: 25043 Cedar Ave. Farmington 55024
Mailing Address: 25043 Cedar Ave. Farmington 55024
Phone: 952-469-3736
Fax: 952-469-5525

2015 Annual Meeting: 25043 Cedar Ave. Farmington 55024
Will be held at 8:15 PM March 10, 2015

NewWhat’s New?


The Eureka Township newsletter, Eureka! The News, has been a familiar goldenrod colored pamphlet delivered to the mailboxes of residents and property owners for nearly 10 years. Beginning in January 2015 that pamphlet will no longer appear. In September 2014, a decision was made by the Town Board to change the method of delivery from the U.S. Postal Service Bulk Mail to a primarily electronic method. With the next edition, you will have the following options in order to receive the quarterly newsletter:

1. As is a current option, go to the Township website at http://eurekatownship-mn.us and click on the Newsletter tab on the left hand side to access the issue you prefer.
2. Contact the Town Clerk or Deputy Clerk at 952-469-3736 or eurekatn@frontiernet.net and provide your e-mail address in order to receive your electronic copy of the newsletter, e-mailed to you as each edition is released.
3. Contact the Town Clerk or Deputy Clerk at 952-469-3736 or eurekatn@frontiernet.net and provide your “snail mail” address to receive a photocopy of the newsletter.



If you are interested in receiving electronic meeting notifications, please sign up by contacting the Town Clerk or Deputy Clerk at 952-469-3736 or eurekatn@frontiernet.net and provide your e-mail address in order to receive future electronic notifications.



Major Change to Eureka Township Permit Application Process
Residents are advised that effective immediately, requesting building permits for property that lies in the Vermillion Watershed District (approximately the northern two-thirds of the Township from County Road 84 on the west side to County Road 80 on the East side) in which land disturbance may occur, must check with the VRWJPO to see if a permit is required through the VRWJPO along with submitting an application with the Township.
Permits Required from the VRWJPO – construction that changes the footprint of an existing building, or any additional building or lan disturbance, lot splits and subdivision approvals. This includes pools and decks. Additional fees will apply in all cases.
Permits not required from the VRWJPO – re-roof, re-side, new windows, plumbing, heating, interior remodeling.
Permit waiting time may increase – After a properly completed permit application is received by the VRWJPO, it has up to 60 days to act upon the request, although every attempt will be made to expedite the process. The ruling VRWJPO Board usually meets the 4th Thursday, 1 p.m. (contact the VRWJPO) at the Western Service Center in Apple Valley. After approval is received from the VRWJPO, the permit may then be taken to the Township, which also has up to 60 additional days to act upon the request.
Shoreland/Floodplain Zoning – in some cases, land that falls within the jurisdiction of the VRWJPO also falls within the Shoreland/Floodplain zoning, for which a separate permit may be required, further extending the wait time for permit approval.
The responsibility for properly completing a permit application lies squarely on the applicant.
More information and assistance is available at:
VRWJPO – Travis Thiel, Watershed Specialist, Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization
14955 Galaxie Ave. Apple Valley, MN 55124
Phone 952-891-7546, Fax 952-891-7588
www.vermillionriverwatershed.org is the home page.
VRWJPO Permit Application Form
Shoreland/Floodplain Zoning – Dee McDaniels, 952-891-7024, Dee.McDaniels@co.dakota.mn.us

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meetings are now available for viewing on the "Minutes" page. Copies of all approved meeting minutes may be obtained from the Clerk upon request. A 25¢ charge per copy applies.

If you are currently receiving the Township newsletter by mail and would rather receive an electronic copy, please contact the clerk.


General Notice

To Control or Eradicate Noxious Weeds

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 1883, subd. 1, that all persons in Dakota County, Minnesota, shall control or eradicate all noxious weeds on land they own, occupy or are required to maintain. Control or eradication may be accomplished by any lawful method but the methods may need to be repeated in order to prevent the spread of viable noxious weed seeds and other propagating parts to other lands. Failure to comply with the general notice may mean that an individual notice will be issued. An individual notice may be appealed within two working days of receipt to the appeal committee in the county where the land is located. Failure to comply with the individual notice will mean that the inspector (Local or County) having jurisdiction may either hire the work done or seek a misdemeanor charge against the person(s) who failed to comply. If the work is contracted for hire by the inspector, the cost can be placed as a tax upon the land and collected as other real estate taxes are collected. By State law the Local Inspectors is designated as the Township Supervisors, City Mayors or their appointed assistants.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture website contains the complete list of designated noxious weeds: http://www.mda.state.mn.us/en/plants/badplants/noxiouslist.aspx.


Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization

Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (VRWJPO) provides services and resources to cities and townships all or partially within the watershed, including Eureka Township. We recently developed a new website describing the watershed and various services and resources we provide, and will be updating information weekly. www.vermillionriverwatershed.org .


North Cannon River Watershed Management Organization

The website features information on the NCRWMO's Board of Managers, Board meeting agendas and minutes, Annual Reports, joint powers agreements, grant information, project fact sheets, the Watershed Management Plan, and other information.  http://www.dakotacountyswcd.org/watersheds/ncrwmo/index.html


Minnesota Conservation Funding Guide is a one-stop, online tool farmers and other landowners can use to learn about conservation practices, programs and payments.  It provides a wealth of information all in one place, complementing the advice landowners receive from conservation & ag professionals.  It also makes a handy reference for professionals & policy makers. http://www.mda.state.mn.us/protecting/conservation/funding.htm


omprehensive Plan

2030 Eureka Township Comprehensive Plan

Town Board Policies—The Eureka Town Board has adopted policies for handling ordinance violation complaints, citizen input at Town Board meetings, and use of the town hall, among other items.

>>> Learn more about township policies and procedures

CapX2020 Project—Eureka Township is in a 12-mile-wide corridor for one of three proposed 345 kw transmission lines.

>>> Learn more about CapX2020. . .


Tentative Planning Commission Agenda- posted on the Calendar

Tentative Town Board Agenda- posted on the Calendar

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