Board of Supervisors


Donovan Palmquist

Phone: (507) 645-9868
Email: [email protected]
Term Expires 2020


Lu Barfknecht

Phone: (952) 469-3513
Email: [email protected]
Term Expires 2022


Mark Ceminsky

Phone: (612)-819-1334
Term Expires 2021

Vice Chair

Tim Murphy

Phone: (612) 719-9745
Email: [email protected]
Term Expires 2021


Butch Hansen

Phone: (612) 490-0091
Term Expires 2020

The Eureka Township Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the township. Based on Minnesota statute, the board of supervisors has “charge of all town affairs not committed to other officers by law” (Minnesota Statute § 366.01, subd. 1). In practice, supervisors are responsible for establishing, implementing, and enforcing policy for the township on a broad range of issues.

Supervisors are elected for three-year terms (unless filling a vacancy) by direct ballot of eligible voters. The town board chair is elected by majority vote of the board of supervisors.


The board of supervisors holds its regular meeting at 7:00 pm on the second Monday of every month at the Eureka Town Hall (unless Monday is a state holiday, in which case meetings are delayed until the following Tuesday). For the date of the next scheduled meeting, consult the township calendar.

To request that an item be added to the agenda for a board of supervisors meeting, contact the Township Clerk at (952) 469-3736.

Minutes from past town board meetings are available HERE.


Township officers are paid quarterly based on the following pay schedule:

Regular Town Board Meetings:

  • Chairman: $90.00
  • Supervisors: $80.00
  • Special Board Meetings: $70.00
  • Liaison to Planning Commission: $50.00
  • Training: $60.00
  • Mileage: Standard federal (IRS) rate
  • Township Expenses: Reimbursed with receipts

Current Board Members click HERE!