The Eureka Town Board has established the following policies governing Township procedures and the use of Township facilities. Click on the Policies and Procedures name to download

Art Exhibit Policy

The purpose of the exhibit policy is to provide a means for Township residents to display their skills at artwork, photography, etc. while providing an appealing décor to the Town Hall.

Attorney Engagement Policy

This policy is intended to guide the appointment, use/engagement, and evaluation of attorney services for the township.

Ordinance Complaint Form 2019

This policy outlines the process for filing a complaint about a violation of township ordinances, and the process the Town Board will follow to resolve the complaint.

(Note: Official Complaint Form is included in this file)

Policy on Citizen Input and Conduct at Township Meetings

This policy is intended to allow township citizens and members of the general public the opportunity to provide input and comments on township-related issues.

(Note: Public Agenda Request Form is included in this file)

Copy Request

This form is used to request copies of documents.

Data Practices Policy: For Members of the Public and For Data Subjects

Information for the public about public access to Eureka Township Data and Rights of Data Subjects.

Public Access Procedures

Dumping Refuse on Town Property

A Town Board Policy establishing a reward leading to the identification and charging of any person dumping refuse on Town property.

Fire Rebuild Policy

To expedite the process for obtaining building permits to reconstruct buildings or structures destroyed by fire.

Pre 1982 Lot of Record Policy

A Town Board policy for an owner wishing to have a parcel approved for residential construction as a “Pre-1982 Lot of Record.