Strategic Visioning Process

The Eureka Strategic Visioning Citizen Advisory Committee was established in September 2006. The committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Eureka Planning Commission and formulate a broad strategic vision that will help guide future planning for Eureka in preparation for the Township’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan update.

The Advisory Committee is meeting twice monthly through the summer. All committee meetings are held at the town hall and are open to the public to observe. For the date, time, and topic of the Advisory Committee’s next meeting, check the township calendar. You may contact the CAC contact member listed with the topic on the calendar to provide your input or with questions. You can also use this comment form to provide the committee with feedback.

Strategic Visioning Process

Planner Search

At the 2004 Annual Town Meeting, the citizens of Eureka authorized funds for 2005 to hire a planning consultant for the township. After interviewing several firms that replied to a request for proposals, the township contracted with McCombs Frank Roos Associates (MFRA). The firm was hired in June of 2006.

Citizen Advisory Committee Formed

In July 2006, the township invited residents and landowners in Eureka to apply for the Strategic Visioning Citizen Advisory Committee. A total of 24 applicants were interviewed, and 15 applicants were appointed to the committee. Several members have since left the committee. The remaining members are:

Jody Arman-Jones
Sharon Buckley
Atina Diffley
Carrie Jennings
Ray Kaufenberg
Jeff Otto
Jim Sauber
Glen Shirley
John Storlie
Pete Storlie
Ray Swedeen

The committee will meet twice monthly through the summer. For the date, time, and topic of the Advisory Committee’s next meeting, check the township calendarAll committee meetings are held at the Eureka Town Hall and are open to the public to observe. A time for audience participation is provided when time permits.

Citizen Opinion Survey

In November 2006, the Advisory Committee conducted a Citizen Opinion Survey, which was mailed to each household in the township, as well as nonresident landowners. Results of the survey are summarized in these three documents:

Town Forum

The Advisory Committee held a town forum on February 20, 2007, to share preliminary work and gather more input from citizens. Approximately 100 citizens and landowners attended the forum.

Advisory Committee Minutes and Reports