Task Forces & Committees

In 1999, the Eureka Town Board established the first township citizen task force, charged with considering the issue of aggregate (gravel) mining in Eureka. Since then, the board has created several other task forces in an effort to facilitate citizen input on important issues affecting the future of Eureka.

Notices concerning the formation of future township task forces will be posted on this web site and will be published in the Lakeville This Week/Life and Times.

Agritourism Task Force


DATE: OCTOBER 28, 2014
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 P.M. (Presentation at 7:30)

The Agritourism Task Force was appointed by the Board in September, 2013.

The purpose of the Agritourism Task Force as directed by the Town Board:

  1. To review the information collected from two public hearings.
  2. To review it based on what was submitted on the Agri-tourism proposal.
  3. To come back in 60 days with information for the Board on what changes they feel are needed and progress working together.
Current Draft Ordinances:
  • Draft Agritourism Ordinance Task Force 5-29-14 (Current Task Force Draft)
  • Draft Agritourism Ordinance Atina Diffley 7-1-14 (Draft provided by Atina Diffley in response to Task Force Draft 5-29-14)
  • Draft Agritourism Ordinance Attorney 8-7-14 (Draft provided by Town Attorney considering Task Force Draft, Diffley Draft, Minority Report and other related agritourism information)
  • Minority Report to 5-59-14 Draft (Report by minority in response to Task Force Draft Ordinance 5-29-14)

For further information contact Eureka Town Hall at (952) 469-3736 or email [email protected].

Transfer Task Force Committee

The Transfer Task Force was appointed by the Board in November, 2012.  The Board engaged Senior Planner, Sherri Buss, from TKDA to assist the Task Force.

The goal of the Task Force is to study the transfer of housing eligibilities within the Township and make a recommendation to the Board with supporting rationale.  The Task Force is examining an expansion of the cluster transfer that already exists to a program that could involve more than one property owner and his land.  Under the expansion, eligibilities could be transferred across and within the Township into different neighborhoods.  The underlying density would remain the same, and no new housing eligibilities would be created.  The transfer could affect both "native" eligibilities, coming from undeveloped quarter-quarters, as well as the eligibilities from Pre-1982 Lots of Record.  This would result in greater flexibility for landowners and also produce a source of income from currently undeveloped housing eligibilities.

The Task Force is formally seeking public input through means of open houses and a survey.  In addition, all meetings of the Task Force are open meetings and the public is invited to attend and observe the discussion.  Please refer to the meeting minutes, the open house presentation, and the winter Newsletter for further information.

Minutes of meetings are also posted under the "Minutes Tab"

Strategic Vision Citizen Advisory Committee

The Strategic Vision Citizen Advisory Committee was established in September 2006 to formulate a broad strategic vision that will help guide future planning for Eureka in preparation for the Township’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan update.

The committee will meet approximately 5-6 times and conduct two public open houses during the course of the next 9-12 months. . .

Learn more. . .

Town Hall Task Force

The Town Hall Task Force was established in September 2001 and charged to research alternative meeting sites to the town hall, as well as possible land options and building options for construction of a new town hall.

The Town Hall Task Force has completed its work, and the New Eureka Town Hall was dedicated on March 8, 2005.

Envisioning Task Force

The Envisioning Task Force was established by the Town Board in May 2001 and charged to work with Dakota County and 1000 Friends of Minnesota to study various growth scenarios and their impacts on the township. The task force held a public open house in November 2002 to present preliminary findings. Another public open house was held in November 2003.

The Envisioning Task Force completed its study in November 2003 and presented a final report to the Town Board for its consideration. The report is available on CD for $2.00 ($3.00 with shipping and handling). A hardcopy summary report (24-pages, full color, 11 x 17) is available for $17.00 ($20 with shipping and handling). Contact the town clerk at (952) 469-3736 or [email protected] for more information.

Commercial Task Force

The Commercial Task Force was established by the Town Board in March 2002 and charged to conduct fact-finding on the issue of new commercial development in the township, including whether such development is desirable. The purpose of the task force was to provide the town board and township citizens with the necessary information to make an informed decision about future commercial development.

The Commercial Task Force completed its study in fall 2003 and presented the Eureka Town Board with its report and recommendations.

Commercial/Industrial Task Force

The Town Board selected TKDA as a Planner for the Commercial/Industrial Task Force on January 10, 2010. Task Force members were selected by the Town Board July 12, 2010. The first Task Force Meeting was held on August 30, 2010.

Nonconforming Land Use Committee

The Nonconforming Land Use Committee was established by the Town Board in May 2003. The purpose of the task force was to review Ordinance 32 on Nonconforming Commercial Uses and provide the town board with recommendations for changes to the ordinance.

The committee presented a summary report to the Eureka Town Board on September 8, 2003. The report was used to update the nonconforming use ordinance in 2004.