Buildings & Land Use Permits

This page contains information, application forms, and instructions sheets for obtaining building and land use permits required in Eureka Township.

NOTE: For a permit request to be considered at the next planning commission meeting, you must submit a complete application to the Eureka Town Clerk by 12:00 noon on the Thursday 10 days prior to the meeting. Applications received after this time will not be acted on until the following month’s meeting.

The applicant or a representative must be present at the Planning Commission Meeting to represent the application. (Representative Authorization Form—Complete this form if someone other than the property owner will represent an application at a planning commission or town board meeting.

If you have questions about what is necessary for a complete permit application, contact the Clerk or Deputy Clerk at (952) 469-3736 or [email protected].

Building Permit and Land Use and Zoning Application Procedures  General Application procedures revised 1-2017

General Information

Building Permits

All application forms and instruction sheets are PDF files (requires Adobe Reader to open or print). You can also request hard copies from the Eureka Town Clerk.

All Building permit applications for properties that lie within the Vermillion River Watershed shall be reviewed by the Vermillion River Joint Powers Organization prior to being reviewed by the Planning Commission and Town Board.